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HDMI to Coax Splitter with Magnadyne VCS-10

This is a post from a customer that integrated HDTV Supply's hdmi-to-coax-splitter http://www.hdtvsupply.com/hdmi-to-coax-splitter.html with a Magnadyne VCS-10

Just wanted to let you know that the HDMI to Coax Splitter does work through
a Magnadyne VCS-10 video distribution switch in my RV.  That was very good
news for me as it allows me to still switch over to Over the Air antenna.  I
put a two way coax splitter at the output jack by the receiver so that if I
select antenna at the switch, and set the TV to antenna in, I can still get
antenna signal.
Thought you would like to know in case anyone else inquires about it as I
I have attached a drawing of what I have done in case you are curious.
Thanks again for your assistance and excellent product.