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HDTVIPM900 Firmware notice

IPM900 Firmware notice


  1. This firmware IPD915V2-V6.5.6 works with IPE915V1 V6.1.2

  1. This firmware IPD915V1_V6.0.27M2.0 works with IPE915V1 V6.0.27

  1. When mix using the RX V1 and V2 in the same system:

The V1 Rx firmware will be IPD915V1_V6.0.27M2.0 and the V2 firmware will be IPD915V2-V6.5.6, and IPE(IPE915) will be using IPE915V1 V6.1.2


  1. When the Receiver is V2, needs to use the below software:

PC console: 9.1.23

Maintain ToolV5.1.7


  1. And if to add the IP control box in the system, the IP control box should be using the below firmware: